Following the success of Atlantic Energy (AE) ’s Sale Portal developed by Thynk Software, AE re-engaged Thynk Software to digitize another core aspect of their business with the aim of putting them in the forefront of the industry. 

AE’s business success depends heavily on complex forecasting to minimize the cost in supplying energy to their customers. In light of this, the main objective of this project was for Thynk Software to develop a Supply Portal to assist with the forecasting of energy and also to reduce costs through operational efficiency.

Thynk Software automated the daily forecasting process by automatically analyzing historic usage data and weather forecasts. Forecasts are then automatically uploaded to ISOs where the bidding process for the energy acquisition is done. Additionally, Thynk Software implemented a Bilateral Agreement module to facilitate the long-term forecasting and hedging of electricity.

Together with addressing the company’s pain points, Thynk Software delivered a scalable and easy to use solutions which superseding AE’s expectations and needs.