Who knew that the world was going to be hit by a pandemic that unites us and puts us all in the same boat! End of 2019 and 2020 thus far, has been different. This difference has got us at Thynk in a better state – both from a work ethic aspect but also from a personal aspect.

We, like others, were forced to work from home. We were forced to find a good balance between managing home errands and work. It got us closer to our family yet far from our colleagues. It got us to appreciate what we have more than we did.

Remote working has showed us its benefits however it also presented us with challenges. Separating work time from leisure time did not always prove to be easy; especially when at the comfort of one’s home. Being self-starters, and above all self-dependent were two traits that all Thynkers were supported to master.

Thankfully, at Thynk it remained business as usual. The impact on productivity was negligible and this is not a coincidence. Remote work and mobility are part of Thynk’s culture, and all our employees have always been equipped with laptops (rather than desktop PC) with the necessary security controls. Additionally, being a cloud-first company and having very little dependency on office infrastructure proved beneficial in such unexpected situation.

As a company, we have already been thoughtful about the aspect of remote working, and COVID-19 fast-forwarded this process. While we are now all back at the office, Covid-19 helped us to reaffirm that we were actually ahead of the curve in work flexibility and as a result of this we further improved our existing flexibility and remote work policies.

Now that such policy has been in place and running for a couple of weeks, it is great to see how certain small benefits change one’s health and wellness which in return creates a happier and stronger work environment and ethic.