Dear Thynkers,

As the end of 2020 approaches, I wanted to make sure we all stop, reflect and celebrate all our achievements this year.

Back when we started Thynk, October 2013, I recall thinking really hard on the company slogan and came up with “passion for software, innovation and building products that improve users’ everyday lives”

I truly believe that today, 7 years later we hold true to this statement more than ever.

Passion, I look at fellow Thynkers and feel blessed to be surrounded by such a vibrant group of people, passionate about what they do. Yes work is not always rosy but I know for a fact that every single Thynker is driven by passion towards technology. We all love that moment when that piece of code works the first time, when you have that eureka moment and a new feature is born. Do not let this passion fade away. Work can get busy and stressful but always find time to go back to that happy place when passion takes over and work stops being work.

Innovation, something Thynk never lacked. Take 15 minutes and think of products you worked on; how they evolved over time thanks to innovative ways of addressing problems. Innovation is one of the main drivers of our success as a company. We have a way of getting into a business, understanding it and through innovation bringing value to these businesses. Be greedy when it comes to Innovation. Let no one take this away from you. The moment you feel you are doing a repetitive job, challenge yourself and see how you can innovate. Innovation doesn’t need to be a new feature in a program, innovation can be in ways of how we work, how we communicate. Never settle for the first idea, always ask yourselves what if I look at this from a different angle.

Building products that improve users' everyday lives. For some, this may not be as obvious because they do not have direct contact with clients. Let me assure you this statement holds true today more than ever. To name a few here are some highlights from 2020:

  • Helping Charities through Bid In > Raising over £3.9 million … One case standing out, £1.2million profit raised for NHS for Covid19 support!
  • Changed how players can bet on sports via BoA, enabling a dream big game for sports punters
  • Revolutionized RightShip platform which will help countless seafarers
  • Streamlined Wealth management processes in one product which will see the rise of new wealth management institutions and help existing ones digitize their processes
  • Let us not forget Genesis. Our framework is bringing so much value to customers. Enabling Thynkers to deliver features faster and better than if we had to build them from scratch.

It would not be a good 2020 reflection if there is no mention of Covid, would it? Covid coerced us to stay apart, practically ruined our traditional end of year party! This said looking back, the Thynk team was strong enough to soldier on through this pandemic and make it look like its business as usual. We transitioned into a remote company in a matter of weeks and that is something we should all be proud of.

Reflecting on 2020 fills me we eagerness to start the year 2021! I thank you all for your hard work and dedication!

Looking forward to being side by side with you in the tranches of 2021; reaffirming our company values “passion for software, innovation and building products that improve users’ everyday lives”

Warmest Regards,

Marlon Grech