In today’s world data is key to the success of any business. The pain point, is how to collate all the data into one platform? Thynk Software created Silo. 

One of our client’s, Atlantic Energy, business performance is heavily dependent on the timely and accurate data coming from heterogenous systems and providers.  Silo was developed with this in mind and acts as an ETL process to read data from various sources and feeds validated and transformed data to Atlantic Energy's operational systems. 

Silo is powered by Genesis and therefore users can take advantage of dashboards to visualize the collected data in any charts or lists as they please.  Some other interesting features of Silo are anomaly detection and reconciliation.  Rules can be configured in the anomaly detection module to detect outliers while the reconciliation module is designed to provide the data owners with peace of mind about the integrity of the data. 

Businesses evolve and so will the need to change or add systems that feed data in the same models.  Silo's layered and module approach ensures that such transitions are possible without any major hurdles. All it takes is the implementation of an adapter between the new source and Silo.

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