Thynk Software, since its inception, always had at its forefront, the vision of creating valuable and worthwhile opportunities – initially to fellow graduated Gozitans who lacked opportunities on their island, and subsequently also to students who are eager and willing to learn in both our Malta and Gozo offices.

Every summer, Thynk Software offers internship programmes. These interns are given individual attention and exposure to new technologies, in addition to practical hands-on experience whereby they are given the opportunity to apply their classroom learnings in a professional working environment.  

While it is known that some companies see internships as a burden and an additional task to the already jampacked schedules, at Thynk we see internships as a professional, valuable, compensated experience that benefits both parties. While interns are given the opportunity, the company welcomes fresh perspectives in addition to exposure of the brand and the opportunity to evaluate young talent.

Thynk invests every year in new talent and plans to continue enriching its internship programme to all prospective interns.

Find out what our intern Joseph Cefai, who was selected to join Thynk in Summer 2019 and Summer 2020 had to say about his experience: 


“Over the last 3 months of the internship, I acquired diverse perspectives and developed a better understanding of what it means to be in the business world. This practical experience, being a first-year student in software development, helped me to apply theories and knowledge. The project assigned to me during this experience was an internal project which saw its start during my first internship experience in summer 2019. During this period, I was eager to learn, and I really appreciate the time and patience that my friends who work with this company have given me. My experience as a software developer trainee at Thynk taught me to be a thinker and would definitely be useful for my career.”