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To run a business today one ends up using many standalone products. This creates a fragmented ecosystem with data being stored in different places and systems failing to speak with one another. A lot of manual data entry needs to be done in each system causing inconsistencies and chaos.

With Ginger we wanted a platform that consolidates the needs of retail businesses. An all in one solution which consolidates data and enables automation to let the machine do the work for you. Ginger is not just another CRM software, it's a complete retail management solution featuring Point Of Sale, Staff Scheduling, Booking Management, Invoicing, Accounting, Loyalty Points Management and Reporting. It is a system which can be used in diverse industries; Spas, Salons, Gyms, Retail shops and much more.

Client Onboarding

  • Simplified Customer Data Entry
  • Customized product offers
  • Onboarding Analytics and drop off reporting

Admin site

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inventory, sales and payments
  • Manage locations and staff
  • Booking calendar and work schedule

Need any customizations?

Our Hybrid approach enables us to customize Ginger to your business needs.

Admin site Management of operations


  • Let your customers enjoy their onboarding journey
  • Customizable data fields
  • Full control from back-office
  • Fully customizable workflows
Ginger - Admin Site - Onboarding


  • Optimize and leverage your data and monitor your KPIs
  • Fully customizable set of widgets
  • Create multiple dashboards
  • Share your dashboard data
Ginger - Admin Site - Dashboard


  • Manage all your customers
  • Segregate customers based on their activity
  • Customizable loyalty points module
  • GDPR consent management
Ginger - Admin Site - CRM


  • Easily manage all your products/services
  • Smart alerts on low stock
  • Assign stock to multiple categories and locations
  • Manage your labour cost
  • Generate vouchers
Ginger - Admin Site - Inventory

Sales and payments

  • All-in-one payment and receipts module
  • Various payment methods including voucher redemption
  • Invoice generation
  • Accounts control - payable and receivable
Ginger - Admin Site - Sales and payments

Manage locations and staff

  • Manage multiple locations, roles and users
  • Generate the desired login credentials for different users
  • Fully configurable security access
Ginger - Admin Site - Manage locations and staff

Manage spaces and spots

  • Manage space for multiple sites (e.g. Rooms and beds; Office and desks)
  • Activate or deactivate spaces
Ginger - Admin Site - Manage spaces and spots


  • Unlimited bookings
  • Filter by location, spaces & spots, & users/staff
  • Assign statuses to bookings
  • Automatic client reminders on bookings
Ginger - Admin Site - Booking

Work Schedule

  • Flexible work schedule template setup to inherit from one week to another
  • Amend a work schedule on the go
  • Generate and extract a work schedule report
Ginger - Admin Site - Work Schedule

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